12 March 2021

Lexus IS Mk1 coilover set – MTSGWLE01

A team of experienced constructors is taking part in the intensive expansion of our offer of coilover suspensions. An equally important element in the process of introducing new products is the market itself. Customer inquiries are taken into account every time new sets are planned. This is exactly how it worked with the Lexus kit.
25 February 2021

Fiat Cinquecento / Seicento coilover set – MTSGWFI08

Fiat Cinquecento is a kind of phenomenon. The small size of the Italian car was to be helpful in maneuvering around the narrow city streets. However, the low weight and affordable price contributed to the popularity of the model also among lovers of modifications.
10 February 2021

BMW E38 coilover set – MTSGWBM21

Idea, design, prototype, implementation, positive signal from the market. This path is characteristic for the coilover suspensions we introduce to our offer. This was the case with the MTSGWBM21 set. Our engineers felt unsatisfied, however, and decided to introduce changes.