14 January 2021

Comfort, Street, Sport – new coilover suspension categories

The expectations of users of sports suspensions are extremely diverse. Many want to change the appearance and behavior of their car on the road, but each in a different way. This is what the coilover suspensions are for, allowing you to adjust the height of the car to your liking. But what to do when such differentiation is still not enough?
25 November 2020

BMW E28 coilover set – MTSGWBM32

A new weld-in set has appeared in our offer.
16 October 2020

VW Passat 3C coilover suspension – MTSGWVW45

The range of mechanical unification in the VW concern is sometimes advanced. Common components share not only cars with a different logo on the grill, but also cars from completely different segments. Traditionally, we want to focus on case of suspension.