MTSGWBM54 coilover set for BMW E10

When the range of weld-in kits for BMW from the 80s was already quite wide, we decided to go back one decade.

Coilovers for 50 y.o.

We do not have to convince anyone that BMW youngtimers are a very popular base for modifications. This can be seen at every car and tuning event. Is the situation the same with oldtimers? Of course. A good example is the BMW E10, desired by many brand lovers. And it was this model that made our offer of weld-ins enter the ’70s. We present to you the MTSGWBM54 set.

BMW E10 coilovers

MTSGWBM54 coilover set.

The front of the E10 kit is not much different from the younger models from Munich. The threaded strut with the bracket ready to be welded into the stock strut has springs from Eibach and of course the camber plate. In this case, the set is equipped with the Evolution2 camber with a spring cap with bearing from the beginning.

BMW E10 coilovers

The set is equipped with Evolution2 camber plates.

The rear axle components needed a little more work. The sports rear shock absorbers were designed by us from nothing. Just like the springs. The E10 has a rear spring with a rather unusual diameter. Even Eibach didn’t have one ready on the shelf. Therefore, such a spring was simply created for us, based on the guidelines from our engineers. The progressive spring ensures the proper operation of the old, rear-wheel drive car, regardless of the height level.

BMW E10 coilovers

Rear spring created especially for this set.

The new spring also had to be followed by the creation of a compatible rear adjustment. This assignment was just a formality. Now you can safely adjust the height of the car according to your preferences, also on the rear axle.

BMW 02 coilovers

Rear height adjustment from MTSGWBM54 set

The MTSGWBM54 set is unique in its own way. This is not only the first set we used to enter the world of BMW from the 70s. Also the test car on which we created the prototype was special. Beautifully maintained 2002Ti came to us all the way from Germany. The owner entrusted us with his car, which was exactly 50 years old at the time of our actions! Germany is also associated with the TüV certificate. We have not forgotten about this issue either. The MTSGWBM54 set has its equivalent with this restrictive certificate – MTSGWBM94.

BMW 2002

BMW 2002Ti on MTSGWBM54 set. | Photo: Otofotomoto

MTSGWBM54 coilover set for BMW E10
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