19 January 2023

MTSGWBM54 coilover set for BMW E10

When the range of weld-in kits for BMW from the 80s was already quite wide, we decided to go back one decade.
16 November 2022

60708015 coilover set for BMW E12

In the previous blog post we focused on the BMW 5 series. This time we stay with this model, but we are radically changing the era, focusing on the car that was the first to be called "5 series".
28 July 2022

61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD

By expanding our offer with new items, we listen to signals from the market. a lot of them refers to the cars made decades ago that are still very popular among fans of lowering. We try to meet their requirements. A good example is the kit for the Audi 80.