61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD

By expanding our offer with new items, we listen to signals from the market. a lot of them refers to the cars made decades ago that are still very popular among fans of lowering. We try to meet their requirements. A good example is the kit for the Audi 80.

The constant popularity of the model from years ago

The 80 model, regardless of its generation, was an extremely popular car. This is also manifested today, especially in the last generations of the B3 and B4. In a normal, everyday use, these cars are seen less and less often. However, it looks completely different among modification enthusiasts. And a strong addition to the modification list is of course the lowering. So we introduced the coilover suspensions for the 80 model. First, the 61506012 kit for the B3 FWD.

Audi 80 B3 coilovers

61506012 coilover suspension

The kit for the Audi 80 consists of 4 threaded struts covered in gold zinc layer. And front ones attract special attention. Their characteristic shape is provided by the steering rod mounting.

Audi B3 coilovers

Audi 80 front strut has a very characteristic shape.

The rear strut is an element more typical in its appearance. A wide range of adjustment will satisfy fans of even the most radical lowering. Just like on the front, there are also Eibach springs and bump stops made of PUR foam.

Audi 80 coilovers

Audi 80 B3 FWD rear strut.

Not only the coilovers…

Our work on creating a proposal for the Audi 80 did not stop only on the coilover suspension itself. During assembly on test cars, our technicians also looked at the topic of top mounts. This resulted in a 77706001 camber kit, which can also be purchased directly on our website. What is more, the suspension itself is also available in Sport series.

Audi 80 camber

Work on the Audi 80 brought results in the form of a coilover and camber plates sets.

It is not only the B3 generation that gains a second youth after lowering. The same applies to her successor. The B4 is an evolution of the B3, both in terms of design and suspension. It is similar in our offer, which we will write more about in the next blog posts.

61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD
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61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD
A detailed description of Audi 80 B3 FWD coilover suspension.
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