MTSGWFO18 coilover set for Ford C-Max

We continue the topic of developing the offer of sets for Ford Focus. This time it’s time for a capacious C-Max.

Minivan with a lowering

Ford followed the trend of creating family minivans based on a compact car. This is how the C-Max was born. Spacious car, noticeably larger than the compact Focus. But still betraying typical Ford character. So why not emphasize it with a lowering? The answer to this question is the MTSGWFO18 set.

Ford C-max coilovers

MTSGWFO18 coilover set.

The components of the kit for the front axle are based on parts known from the Focus hatchback and station wagon bodies. So here is the same threaded shock absorber covered with a double layer of zinc. It was only armed with a spring better adapted to the higher weight of the more capacious and larger C-Max.

Ford C-max coils

The front is largely a solution known from the hatchback version.

There are a few more changes on the rear axle. In this case, the difference is not only in the higher weight. This was remedied by the right spring, ensuring reliable suspension work at any level of lowering. Traditionally, it is a product from the Eibach factory. The shock absorber has also changed in relation to the hatchback, which is a completely new design, adapted to the concept that Ford had for the suspension of the C-Max.

Ford C-max coilovers

Components of the rear axle of the MTSGWFO18 set.

The high body of the C-Max may seem disproportionate at first glance. In this type of car, practicality is to win over visual aspects. However, we make sure that the family character of the car does not exclude its attractiveness. And this one noticeably improves when its gap between the wheel and wheel arch decreases. The handling itself is also a plus. In this type of cars, the center of gravity is quite high. Changing its position due to the lower and stiffer suspension has a positive effect on driving characteristics.

Ford Focus C-Max

Ford C-Max on MTSGWFO18 coilover set.

MTSGWFO18 coilover set for Ford C-Max
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