3 series

10 May 2019

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 1)

Automotive industry is very diverse. The number of makes and models of cars is huge. It is no different in terms of their modification. Many cars have an avid fanatics who want to modify, improve and lower them. Behind them they must follow companies such as MTS Technik, offering the suspensions for the widest possible range of cars.
8 March 2019

BMW F20 / F30 coilover set – MTSGWBM20

The BMW 3 Series is a long-standing hit that has existed on the market for over 40 years. Years pass, the next generations appear on the market, and the owners of each of them still like to lower them. It is no different from the F30 still being offered.
7 December 2018

BMW E36 compact / Z3 coilover set – MTSGWBM02

Compact is another option from a wide range of body types of BMW E36. It is often renounced by the enthusiasts, but it still has RWD drive! A car with such features should be lowered.