Redesigned MTSGWBM03 set for BMW E46

MTSGWBM03 is constantly the best-selling set in our offer. After many years of existence and use by hundreds of BMW E46 owners, the time has come to modernize this popular set. This suspension has evolved almost from the beginning of its existence in our offer. As you probably know, it was the first set in our history that had Eibach springs. At first it was the rear spring, then also the front one.

BMW E46 coilovers

MTSGWBM03 set was the first, which was equipped with Eibach springs.

Swaybar links were another important change. Knowing that the lowered E46 requires the use of other links, of course, we attach them to the set. The originally offered links have been replaced with new, much stronger ones, with the possibility of length adjustment.

BMW E46 swaybar link

MTSLS04 swaybar link.

Brand new threaded strut

The most noticeable change is taking place now. It aims to make mounting the suspension on the car even easier. The previous distinction between left and right strut was eliminated. The modernized threaded front shock absorbers are now universal, fitting both the left and right sides.

BMW E46 front suspension

We have eliminated the problem with left / right side.

The new version of this strut has a uniform form. Earlier offered the additional bottom adjustment was not practical for many users who had a problem placing the strut correctly in the car. The shock absorber has been redesigned in such a way that it lowers and works in a similar way to the previously used construction. The suspension in the latest installment maintains its functionality without changing the optimal work characteristics. The new housing thanks to the reinforced construction is characterized by even greater durability.

BMW E46 coilovers

GSBM06VA replaced previous GSBM03VAL / GSBM03VAR.

Changes for both axles

The changes also apply to the rear axle. From now on, the MTSGWBM03 set is also equipped with bump stops and dust covers for the rear axle. This is an important supplement in this set, eliminating the need to adjust elements from the stock suspension and possible shortening of serial bump stops. A dedicated, shorter PUR foam bump stop will allow the sports shock absorber to work properly, regardless of the lowering value.

BMW E46 coilovers

From new you will receive bump stops and dust covers also for the rear axle.

The last and most important information is the fact that MTSGWBM03 in its latest version is on an ever-longer list of coilovers that are already after TÜV certification tests. They were successful and soon a link to the relevant document will appear in the product card on our website.

Redesigned MTSGWBM03 set for BMW E46.
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Redesigned MTSGWBM03 set for BMW E46.
A detailed description of redesigning the MTSGWBM03 set for BMW E46.
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