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“There is a lot going on here” – we have recently used this term very often. Changes, news, continuous development of the brand and product – this is what MTS Technik has been following in recent years. Everything results in measurable benefits for users of our suspensions. Numerous ideas and actions are reflected in the real product. Better and following customer expectations. This can be seen in several key issues:

Sustainable product development

Our suspensions are evolving. One of the biggest and most visible changes is the use of Eibach springs in our sets. It started with the rear spring in the suspensions for BMW E36 and E46 and quickly spread to other sets. Today, springs with the industry leader logo are found in all coilover suspensions from our offer.

Eibach spring

The first spring in our offer, that was produced by Eibach.

Crucial thing is, that it is not simply taking ready springs from the shelf. This is a commission from the Eibach factory for the production of springs designed by our construction department. The facilities at the Finnentrop factory in Germany meet the highest requirements. High-quality wire is coated with a special polyester varnish. It is more flexible than traditional powder varnish. This means it is better at resisting mechanical damage that is unavoidable while driving. Responsible for the design of the spring, we also try to predict its behavior in all conditions. Therefore, wherever it is necessary, we equip the springs with special clipping tubes, mounted in a place where the coils are likely to contact each other.

Eibach spring

Clipping tube is used to protect those parts of the springs, where the coils can get in contact.

Also in the case of our hexaCOIL nut the whole concept has evolved. From the idea, through long and murderous road tests in all conditions, to offering this nut in almost every MTS Technik coilover suspension. Everything for the sake of facilitating the use of coilovers as much as possible. As we think in detail, the development of the hexaCOIL concept did not stop at developing the shape of the cap itself. To eliminate direct contact of the steel surface with aluminum, we use plastic covers. In this way, we use the concept of easy height adjustment of the car to the maximum. A double layer of anti-corrosion protection, commonly known as golden zinc, has also been well accepted in our products. The Gold version already applies to 100% of our coilover suspensions. The ternary protective layer, combined with the black anodizing of aluminum elements, will ensure the suspension’s durability for years.


hexaCOIL spring perch makes height adjustment even easier.

The increased strength of the threaded strutsis also followed by the high performance of its components. We mention springs above. Special bump stops made of PUR foam are also a perfect complement here, much more durable than traditional ones made of rubber. While such bump stops for threaded struts have already become the norm, so is the addition of dedicated bump stops also to rear axle shock absorbers!

MTS Technik shock absorber

We are beginning to offer dedicated bump stops also for rear axle shock absorbers.

Engineering loop

Introducing new items to the offer. Searching for top component suppliers. That’s a lot. However, our ambition is not exhausted here. When developing our offer, we do not forget about the sets that have been around for a long time. The entire engineering loop, from the idea, through the project, to the final product, very often comes again at MTS Technik. All with a view to developing suspensions already known. The MTSGWBM01 kit for the BMW E36 is one of our sales leaders. Does that satisfy us? Not completely. We want the popular product, used by hundreds of people, to become even better. The selection of oil that will work in a housing with an increased diameter will have a significant impact on the behavior of the shock absorber. Better heat dissipation increases its efficiency during continuous operation.

Suspension oil

Properly selected oil plays a key role in the proper operation of the shock absorber.

We try to approach each set individually. Numerous valves with a remodeled system ensure that the shock absorber works properly, regardless of the degree of depression. Anyone can do uncompromisingly hard suspension. It is not enough for us. We can’t call such a product a functional suspension. We go a step further. We skillfully combine the lowering with the car’s usability during everyday driving. From the beginning, our intention was to offer suspensions that would improve maximum traffic performance while improving the appearance and driving characteristics. We strive to make our sets as hard as necessary and as comfortable as possible.

We listen to your needs

User feedback is the most valuable thing for the manufacturer. We listen to every signal from our clients. We are looking at what is praised. Our team regularly debates whether something that is good can be even better. We also respond to any report of any negative trait. It is usually said that mass is the enemy of acceleration. We already know that mass is the enemy of lowering. What should be considered in two ways. The wide range of engines offered in some cars significantly affects their weight. We have to deal with this. The suspension for the Audi A4 8E, already at the sales stage, has been divided into as many as 6 references, taking into account all possible combinations of engine, body and drive types. The aspect of evolution of already existing sets also appears in this matter. Universal sets until now for Audi A4 B5 or A6 C5 have been divided into 2 positions, taking into account different mass ranges of the front axle. All with one thought – that the lowering will also be followed by proper suspension work.

Eibach springs

When a given car model requires it, we use a variety of springs depending on axle loads.

Controlled lowering of a heavy car is one thing. Bringing relatively light cars closer to the ground is a separate issue. A good example is the 3rd generation VW Scirocco. Every automotive fan knows that it is a car based on the MQB platform, derived from the Golf V. Naturally, the suspensions in both of these cars are physically not much different from each other. However, Scirocco has a specific structure, with a very light rear of the body. Our originally offered sets contained springs that did not allow for satisfactory lowering of the car. You reported it to us and we reacted as we could do it best – we created a new set! In this way, the MTSGWVW36 set evolved from the MTSGWVW30 set, strictly for light Scirocco.

CAD and FEM – key elements of quality control

The terms used above for high quality or durability are not just empty slogans. This is not just a theory, because it is also confirmed in numerous tests and controls. Each new suspension, or even its individual component, undergoes quality tests at the design stage. How is this possible? Modern technology, mathematics and the knowledge of our specialists comes with the answer. CAD – a concept well known to engineers and students of technical studies, has also become a part of our construction department. Computer Aided Design. Specialized software allows us to digital 3D modeling, enabling the creation of documentation necessary to manufacture the suspension, directly from digital models. This type of process noticeably increases the level of accuracy of the elements. They fit together with each other and with the components of the car. Virtual fitting of components allows for even faster response and elimination of any potential error or feature hindering suspension operation in the car.

Digital design

A new element of coilover suspension, still in digital form.

The second element influencing the quality and used at the design stage is FEM. Finite Element Method, used, among others, to calculate the strength of the structure. Advanced mathematics at the level of systems of differential equations used in the FEM method allows to predict component displacements, their elasticity and stress resulting from the use of suspension on the road. The calculation results in the algorithm used are characterized by very high accuracy. However, to obtain them you need a person with proper knowledge in this field, supported by equipment that will handle the task of processing a huge dose of information. Our construction department is made up of professionals working on computers with very high computing power. FEM allows predicting the strength of a given component at the design stage. This allows to optimize the product strictly in terms of transferred forces and stresses. By considering specific directions of forces acting on the suspension, we can optimize the design of the product, increasing its safety. And often reducing its weight. Lower unsprung mass is also a desirable feature in vehicles.

FEM Method

Thanks to FEM method, we can predict the stress of the particular part of the suspension.

Virtual tests are also supported by the control of the finished product. Before release for sale, each delivery of components is subjected to another detailed quality control. This is comprehensive, not random. After verifying the dimensions and eliminating the risk of defects, we check everything on specialized machines. We are able to check the spring hardness coefficient or give the shock absorbers work in any conditions. And all without leaving our headquarters.

Cooperation with research units

Recently, the concept of tests, in addition to calculations on the virtual project, has also changed to the level of laboratory tests on the final product. We have started cooperation with the Naval Academy in Gdynia. Research laboratories at this university allow for even more meticulous checking of the strength of our components. It is thanks to the Academy employees that we can realistically confirm what our designers have come out of meticulous calculations. In this way, we are sure that our shock absorbers withstand millions of cycles, the springs do not deform even under a pressure of several tons, and a single hexaCOIL nut can support a weight of 3 passenger cars.

Polish Naval Academy

Cooperation with the Naval Academy allows for overload tests in laboratory conditions.

TÜV certificate for our suspensions

Laboratory tests were dictated by what many of you waited impatiently and what is slowly becoming a reality. Of course, we are talking about TÜV certification. We are already proud of obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. Another important step in the development of MTS Technik was the positive verification of our company as a producer of sport suspensions. An additional advantage is the receipt of an individual number in the German KBA (German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt). It is an important state body in Germany responsible for traffic. Also including car modification issues.


MTS Technik is a certified sport suspensions manufacturer.

Having all of this, it was a time to get the part certificates (German Teilegutachten) required for each set separately. Each catalog number for which we want to obtain a certificate entails both long-term laboratory tests as well as assembly and measurements on the car. For our team it is a lot of work and effort. However, this is a challenge that we are able to take up. We don’t delay with anything. This process is at its peak. Over 20 references have already been subjected to the certification process. The next ones will join them soon.

TUV certification

Measurements on the car are the last step to get TÜV certification for coilover suspension.

Assembly instructions

Each of the above elements makes up one final effect. This is a coilover suspension. Made from the highest quality components from reputable suppliers. Tested and certified by research institutions. Sent to the final recipient in a form ready for assembly, with bump stops for both axles, adjustment spanners, and assembly instructions, which will soon appear in each of the sets from our offer. Detailed instructions supported by numerous photos will be part of the ease of use of MTS Technik coilovers, already at the assembly level.


The attached instructions ensure that the MTS Technik coilovers assembly is carried out correctly.

15 years – that’s how much MTS Technik exists on the market. This affects brand awareness among customers. The components of successive product development described above translate into increased satisfaction from its use and an increasingly stronger marking of our presence on markets in Europe and in the world. We prove that we strive to both present new products and improve what already exists in our offer. And you can check the full variety of our products on our website.

Check out the new MTS Technik
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