1 March 2019

BMW E39 coilover set – MTSGWBM04

E39 introduced a stylistic revolution in BMW cars. In comparison with E34, his successor has become smoothier and more modern. The new body lines have not killed the spirit of the brand. Dynamic engines and rear drive gave a lot of fun. When everything settles on a better suspension, the real fun is just beginning!
4 January 2019

BMW E34 coilover set – MTSGWBM14

BMW E34 is now Youngtimer. The limousine, still able to enjoy its style and slightly sportier jam. Such a characteristic suggests putting the car on a coilover suspension. A good solution is the MTSGWBM14 set
21 December 2018

VW Golf Mk2 / Mk3 Syncro coilover set – MTSGWVW44

By design, VW Golf was a versatile vehicle. His second generation was characterized not only by ordinary versions, typical "cars for the people", but also initiated an interesting innovation - Syncro! Golfs with 4WD can also be lowered!