MTSGWFO16 coilover set for Ford Focus II station wagon

The second generation Ford Focus is a car that has already appeared on our list of cars for which we offer coilover suspension. However, this did not apply to each of the many body versions. Ford decided to solve the suspension issue in the station wagon version a bit differently. We decided to take a closer look at this topic.

Complementing the offer for Focus II

In addition to the base hatchback, sedan and interesting coupe-cabrio, there was also a family station wagon on offer. The latter received a slightly different suspension. In response to this, the MTSGWFO01 set has evolved into the MTSGWFO16 coilover suspension designed for the station wagon.

Ford Focus Turnier coilovers

MTSGWFO16 coilover suspension

It will not be a big surprise if we write that the front end of the station wagon kit is identical to that of the hatchback or sedan. So it is a threaded strut covered with gold zinc, armed with a spring made by Eibach.

Ford Focus coils

Front suspension threaded strut.

The differences appear on the rear axle. As Ford remodeled the rear suspension on the kombi version, our kit had to wait for a new sports shock absorber.

Ford Focus kombi coilovers

The shock absorber of the kombi version is different from that of the hatchback.

The station wagon also means increased rear axle load. The task of keeping everything in the way and providing proper lowering rests with the springs. The set MTSGWFO16 on the rear axle, apart from the new shock absorber, also received dedicated springs. Once again, a solution based on a double spring was used here. The main spring is supported by a helper spring. The whole has a positive effect on handling, also when driving more dynamically.

Ford Focus estate coilovers

The rear axle is a well-known solution based on double springs.

Ford Focus has a large dose of sporty spirit, which also does not disappear in the estate version. Head of families also sometimes want a lower and stiffer car that will give them pleasure to drive. And this can be provided by a coilover suspension kit designed specifically for the body version of the popular Ford compact that they own.

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Ford Focus station wagon on our coilovers

MTSGWFO16 coilover set for Ford Focus II station wagon
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