BMW E30 coilover set – MTSGWBM10

The E30 is a classic still popular among BMW fans. The situation is similar in our coilover suspensions offer, where we offer as many as 2 options for getting a lowering in this model.

A well-known set

MTSGWBM11 / MTSGWBM15 sets were pioneering in our company. The first to offer camber plates. And they have driven the creation of a whole series of suspensions for classic BMWs. However, E30 enthusiasts have been able to lower their car for a long time with the MTS Technik suspension and adjust its height to their own needs. We mean the MTSGWBM10 set.

BMW E30 coilovers

MTSGWBM10 set.

It is a set, which still exists in our offer. It is designed for people who want to leave their standard shock absorber housings in their car. Front shock absorbers have the form of cartridges, cooperating with housings with a diameter of 51mm.

BMW E30 coilovers

Front suspension is in a form of cartridges, which you put into a stock housing.

A long list of improvements

The rear shock absorber is also known from other coilover suspensions to E30. Sporty shock absorber with shortened piston stroke, which has been further improved. We have listened to the opinions of the users of E30 on our suspensions and redesigned the rear shock absorber, which is discussed in more detail HERE.

BMW E30 coilovers

Rear shock was redesigned as suggested by the E30 owners.

Springs have also been improved. As you can see, Eibach produces springs for us not only for new sets, but also for those that have been on the market for several years.

Eibach springs

Springs from both axles arrive at us from Eibach factory.

Finally, what is most important in coilover suspensions – the ability to change the height of the car. The set has 4 separate height adjustments. Rear is a solution well known from other sets, where the spring and shock absorber are mounted separately. In the front, however, the adjustment is installed on the standard shock absorber housing. Everything runs smoothly thanks to the attached spanners, designed especially for this set.

BMW E30 coilovers

Front suspension elements are assembled with the spanners, dedicated to this particular set.

BMW E30 coilover set - MTSGWBM10
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BMW E30 coilover set - MTSGWBM10
A detailed description of BMW E30 coilover suspension
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