7 September 2018

BMW E46 coilover set – MTSGWBM03

The BMW E46 is a car that hit the market and today has a large crowd of loyal fans. Interesting stylistics, a wide range of reliable engines and above all a rear drive ensure full use of joy from every kilometre covered. E46 is not only a bestseller for BMW, but also for MTS Technik.
31 August 2018

How to assemble new coilover suspension correctly?

A coilover suspension means not only stiffer settings, better car appearance, or the ability to adjust the clearance to your liking. Coilovers also have a slightly different design from OEM components. It is enough, however, to follow a few basic rules to make the MTS Technik set correctly installed and serve for a long time.
24 August 2018

How to assembly MTSGWBM11 coilover suspension in BMW E30

Properly mounted suspension is a matter of of comfort of use, reliable work and, above all, safety. We want to show you step by step how the assembly of the MTSGWBM11 set in the BMW E30 should go.