28 July 2022

61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD

By expanding our offer with new items, we listen to signals from the market. a lot of them refers to the cars made decades ago that are still very popular among fans of lowering. We try to meet their requirements. A good example is the kit for the Audi 80.
7 July 2022

MTSGWVW58 coilover set for VW Caddy II

As mentioned in the previous post, it's time to present a coilover suspension kit also for the second generation of a small delivery car from the VW family.
23 June 2022

MTSGWVW02 coilover set for VW Caddy I

The first generation VW Caddy was one of the varieties of VW Golf, designed for one purpose - to work. Today his role is completely different. Caddy has become a full participant in the meetings of fans of modified VWs. And speaking of the modifications, a solid lowering must not be forgotten.