MTSGWVW58 coilover set for VW Caddy II

The idea of the car, which was the VW Caddy, worked very well for the transport of small loads. With time, the second generation of this model appeared. The car was as utility back then and as interesting to modify now as its predecessor.

Utility car suitable for lowering

Cars like Caddy will find application in many industries. Also the tuning one. They will efficiently transport a batch of parts or equipment needed to set up a stand at the meeting. For the latter, it is worth making the car look appropriate as well. There are not many stylistic packages for this type of vehicle. However, the lowering itself already gives a very interesting effect. The second generation of the compact van can also go lower thanks to our coilover suspension. It is specifically about the MTSGWVW58 set.

VW Caddy II coilovers

MTSGWVW58 coilover suspension

Volkswagen is famous for not using revolutionary solutions. As with its predecessor, the van version was also based on the passenger version. However, this time the front of the car was given the look of the Polo model, specifically the 6N. And so is the front axle suspension. It is a threaded strut, known from Polo, covered with golden zinc and armed with Eibach springs.

VW Caddy II coilovers

Front axle suspension is the same as in VW Polo 6N.

As the rear axle is a structure carried over from the previous generation, also in our suspension the solution for lowering the rear axle is the same set of adjustments that we offer in the set for Caddy I. The same situation applies to the rear shock absorbers.

VW Caddy coilovers

The set of rear adjustments works well both in the first and second generation of Caddy.

The second generation of Caddy had its twin, Seat Inca. As these cars differed only in details on the outside, the suspension will also fit a small van with Spanish roots. The kit has also been successfully certified by TüV.

MTSGWVW58 coilover set for VW Caddy II
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MTSGWVW58 coilover set for VW Caddy II
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