10 June 2022

MTSGWBM38 set for BMW E61 (with springs for the rear axle)

Just like the BMW E39 Touring, its successor can count on a coilover suspension in one of two options.
20 May 2022

MTSGWBM37 coilover set for BMW E61 (with active Nivo)

The E61, so the Touring version of the popular 5 series, has a Nivo suspension on the rear axle, similar to its predecessor. As you already know, we already offer both axle kits for E39 Touring. In parallel, we also worked on the next generation.
27 April 2022

MTSGWBM35 set for BMW E39 Touring (with springs for the rear axle)

In the previous post, we revealed a novelty for the BMW E39 Touring. However, this was not our last word on this model.