1 October 2020

Mitsubishi Galant and Eclipse coilover set – MTSGWMI01

Cars from Japan have had many followers for years. As in the case of cars, for example from Germany, also here many users decide to modify their projects by lowering them. Our range of coilovers for models from this region has gained a new position.
17 September 2020

MTSGWVW50 coilover set for VW Golf VII with torsion beam on the rear axle

The VW group likes to diversify its models. Advertising brochures delight with the multitude of engine versions. However, the differences often lie in the components that are invisible at first glance.
2 September 2020

Updates in a VW Golf VII coilover set

VAG group cars are the second group of cars, next to BMW, in which we have a lot to offer. Lowering springs, sports suspensions, camber platres and finally coilover suspensions. You will find a wide range for many VW models. An offer that is also updated.