6 May 2021

VW Polo 6R coilover set – MTSGWVW46

The VW model range is very wide. Each model is quickly making its way to the top of its segment. It is no different with the VW Polo.
14 April 2021

VW Passat B1 coilover set – MTSGWVW01

Does lowering a nearly 40-year-old car make sense? Of course! The engineers of the '70s did not have such an idea when designing the car. However, enthusiasts from the 21st century want to meet this challenge as well. We meet them with our new VW Passat B1 kit.
26 March 2021

Fiat 500 coilover set – MTSGWFI07

Fiat is known for its small city cars. Their current creation, the Model 500, despite its small size, offers a large dose of style. This feature is worth emphasizing with a lowering.