14 May 2020

Mercedes W201 / W124 coilover set – MTSGWMB01

Mercedes from the 80s and 90s are considered to be a very reliable cars. Relatively mechanically simple constructions and tempting angular design make these prestigious cars still popular. Among the model lovers there are a lot of people who, along with giving their cars a new life, give them a slightly more contemporary character and bring them closer to the ground.
30 April 2020

Redesigned MTSGWBM03 set for BMW E46

Our topseller has been redesigned.
7 April 2020

Check out the new MTS Technik

"There is a lot going on here" - we have recently used this term very often. Changes, news, continuous development of the brand and product - this is what MTS Technik has been following in recent years. Everything results in measurable benefits for the users of our suspensions.