VW Passat B1 coilover set – MTSGWVW01

Does lowering a nearly 40-year-old car make sense? Of course! The engineers of the ’70s did not have such an idea when designing the car. However, enthusiasts from the 21st century want to meet this challenge as well. We meet them with our new VW Passat B1 kit.

The progenitor of the famous model

VW Passat is one of the most common middle class cars. The all-rounder. And for the family and for the event. This applies to every generation, also B1, for which we offer a coilover suspension kit – MTSGWVW01.
VW Passat B1 coilovers

MTSGWVW01 coilover set.

The suspension of this car has a characteristic of the construction of those years. The front strut is integrated with the hub. This makes it difficult to replace the suspension with a threaded counterpart. We managed to get around this problem. Our components fit into the standard shock absorber housing. And of course, thanks to the spring created by us and produced by Eibach, they allow the car to be brought closer to the ground.
VW Passat B1 coilovers

Front shock with height adjustment.

The rear axle is a shock absorber covered with a double layer of golden zinc. The range of adjustments allows to meet the requirements of every fan of lowering. Of course, we also offer a spring made by an industry leader here. So that the Passat B1, despite its age, still gives great driving pleasure.

Eibach spring

Rear axle goes lower thanks to Eibach springs.

VW Passat B1

VW Passat B1 on our coilover set. Photo: Łukasz Elszkowski | Volxzone

VW Passat B1 coilover set - MTSGWVW01
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VW Passat B1 coilover set - MTSGWVW01
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