VW Polo 6R coilover set – MTSGWVW46

The VW model range is very wide. Each model is quickly making its way to the top of its segment. It is no different with the VW Polo.

A small car, many possibilities

The smaller brother of the Golf, like the king of compact class, has been on the market for many decades. He constantly has many fans, also among modification fans. The range of our coilover suspensions has expanded to include a kit for the fifth generation Polo, known as the 6R.
VW Polo 6R coilovers.

MTSGWVW46 coilover suspension.

The MTSGWVW46 set is an evolution of the long-known MTSGWVW29 set, intended for VW Polo 9N. We followed the VW path – what has been proven does not require a revolution. A slight evolution is enough. The already known threaded strut has been equipped with a new spring from Eibach, better suited to the specifics of the newer Polo edition. Additionally, the set includes dedicated stock cable brackets. All this to ensure that the assembly goes smoothly at every stage.
VW Polo 6R coilovers

Front coilover strut, with a special bracket for brake hoses.

The situation is similar on the rear axle. Here, too, we have the proven MTS Technik sports shock absorber, which is complemented by a new spring, with a well-known logo, specially developed for the 6R model. In addition, the rear shock absorbers are equipped with bump stops and dust covers.
VW Polo 6R rear shocks

Rear shocks are also equipped with bump stops and dust covers.

The Polo 6R continues the good tradition of an interesting car for lowering. The tests of the MTSGWVW46 set were successful and we can expect the TÜV certificate for this suspension soon. Naturally, this set also fits twin models from the VW concern – Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia or Audi A1.
VW Polo 6R

VW Polo 6R on MTS Technik coilovers

VW Polo 6R coilover set - MTSGWVW46
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VW Polo 6R coilover set - MTSGWVW46
A detailed description of the new coilover suspension for the VW polo 6R.
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