10 May 2019

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 1)

Automotive industry is very diverse. The number of makes and models of cars is huge. It is no different in terms of their modification. Many cars have an avid fanatics who want to modify, improve and lower them. Behind them they must follow companies such as MTS Technik, offering the suspensions for the widest possible range of cars.
26 April 2019

Opel Corsa C coilover set – MTSGWOP12

At the time, Corsa C was at the top of the sales lists for new cars. How did the tuning world adopt it? Very good! The ideas for distinguishing this car are innumerable. However, each of them must always contain a reduction. From now, every Corsa C owner can lower it with the MTS Technik coilovers.
19 April 2019

Volvo 850 / S70 coilover set – MTSGWVO02

What can you associate a Volvo estate with? With an angular figure, with safety, with space... And with a lowering!