MTSGWOP14 coilover set for Opel Zafira A

Opel Zafira is one of the cars that are the result of the fashion for minivans based on very popular compacts. And since C segment is so widely modified, why not address their family counterparts as well?

The Astra suspension…

The Zafira A is the taller and more spacious sister of the well-known Astra G. The minivan, based on the popular compact’s platform, looks completely different from the outside, but the components, including the suspension, of course, are almost identical.

Opel Zafira A coilovers

MTSGWOP14 coilover set.

The MTSGWOP14 set is naturally exactly the same shock absorbers that you know from the MTSGWOP01 set. This important common feature is the only similarity of both sets.

Opel Zafira shocks.

Zafira stands on the same shocks as Astra.

…with minor differences

Higher body, which can carry up to 7 people, is naturally more mass. Therefore, the suspension for the Zafira A has been equipped with Eibach springs which can handle this weight better. At first glance, the front looks the same as in the Astra. The key, however, is its higher hardness. Much more is happening on the rear axle. The well-known spring from Astra has been replaced here with a solution found in more and more of our sets, with a double spring. An inconspicuous ERS spring, thanks to appropriately selected parameters, copes well with this small van, also with a full set of passengers.

Opel Zafira coilovers

Rear axle is lowered with ERS-type double spring.

It is worth noting that the MTSGWOP14 set will soon be available in three options. The well-known Street series has been supplemented with the Comfort and Sport series. That’s right – minivan, coilovers, in the Sport series. Best in the top OPC version, on which we had the pleasure to test each of the three options.

Opel Zafira OPC

Zafira OPC on MTSGWOP14 set.

MTSGWOP14 coilover set for Opel Zafira A
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MTSGWOP14 coilover set for Opel Zafira A
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