Alfa Romeo 147 / 156 coilover set – MTSGWAL02

Alfa Romeo is a brand with character, having a lot of its loyal followers. Among this group of fans, many want to bring their Italians closer to the ground. It could not go unnoticed by us.

Italian exception

It’s no secret that the majority of our offer are suspensions for German cars, from the BMW and the VW group. However, there are a few cases that stand out against the background. One of them is the MTSGWAL02 set.

Alfa Romeo coilovers

MTSGWAL02 coilovers

As it is one of the newer sets in our offer, it obviously received what distinguishes all our coilover suspensions. Of course, we are talking about the springs produced by Eibach, which rest on the hexaCOIL spring perch. For this kit, this applies to both axles.

ALfa 156 coilovers

Eibach springs on both axles – a common view also in Alfa Romeo set.

Sophisticated design

Italians have long been famous for their love of design and unusual solutions. In terms of automotive styling, Alfa Romeo has always been at the top of exceptional, eye-catching and simply pretty cars. We professionally focus on what is underneath. There, the Alfa engineers also showed what they can do. A very unusual design of the suspension aroused our interest. The constructors went to work right away and they handled the task without any problems.

Alfa Romeo suspension

Italian design appeared even in the suspension.

During the design phase, our engineers noticed that the Alfa Romeo suspension design could make it difficult to correctly adjust the wheel angle of the rear axle when lowered. We managed to find a solution. Thanks to the specially designed mounting holes, the position of the shock absorber can be adjusted in such a way that the wheels keep the correct alignment. Everything to ensure that the car retains its full functionality after the coilover suspension is installed.

Alfa 156 coilovers

Unique design of bottom mounting holes helps to adjust the rear wheel alignment properly.

The MTSGWAL02 set can be installed in both the Alfa 147 and the slightly larger 156. We conducted our tests on an even more stylish Alfa GT

Alfa GT

Alfa Romeo GT before and after mounting our coilover set.

Taking into account the multitude of models, but above all the diversity of the engine version, apart from the MTSGWAL02, we have also distinguished the MTSGWAL04 set, with the permissible front axle load increased to 1060 kg.

Alfa Romeo suspension

MTSGWAL04, thanks to the different main spring, is capable to deal with higher axle loads.

Alfa Romeo 147 / 156 coilover set - MTSGWAL02
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Alfa Romeo 147 / 156 coilover set - MTSGWAL02
A detailed description of Alfa Romeo 147 / 156 coilover suspension
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