31 March 2022

MTSGWBM34 coilover set for BMW E39 Touring (with active Nivo)

The E39 was a sporty saloon. In the model range, BMW also presented a station wagon with the Nivo rear axle leveling system. This solution facilitated the use of the car, regardless of the weight of the load in the trunk. With proper calibration, it also allowed to lower it.
17 March 2022

BMW Z4 E85 coilover set – MTSGWBM40

There is no doubt that the widest range of coilover suspensions in our offer applies to the BMW brand. It refers to contemporary and classic models. Compact cars and large limousines. There is also an item for the model, which was created strictly with the idea of ​​having fun behind the wheel.
16 February 2022

VW Passat B8 coilover set – MTSGWVW55

The VW Passat has been very high on the list of popular models in the middle class for decades. It can be seen on the streets, as well as at the car mods enthusiasts meetings. The eighth generation of this model successfully continues this trend.