5 September 2022

61506014 coilover set for Audi 80 B4 FWD

The B4 is the last generation of the 80 model. The successor to the very popular B3 model has come off very well. This model is adored by many to this day.
28 July 2022

61506012 coilover set for Audi 80 B3 FWD

By expanding our offer with new items, we listen to signals from the market. a lot of them refers to the cars made decades ago that are still very popular among fans of lowering. We try to meet their requirements. A good example is the kit for the Audi 80.
7 July 2022

MTSGWVW58 coilover set for VW Caddy II

As mentioned in the previous post, it's time to present a coilover suspension kit also for the second generation of a small delivery car from the VW family.