31 May 2019

VW T4 coilover suspension – MTSGWVW13

The VW T4 was not a precursor in its class. Vans have existed for years. After all, T4 was already the fourth generation of the spacious car for everything. However, it was a certain phenomenon. A practical car that has fallen into the eye of more than one tuner.
24 May 2019

VW Lupo coilover suspension – MTSGWVW41

Lupo - the smallest model from VW model range. Small, so in theory urban. But also agile! Especially if it is enriched with a coilover suspension.
17 May 2019

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 2)

In our previous post, we showed you how the process of creating a new coilover set looks like for the choice of models. After making the choice, it's time to move on to action, which we will describe in the second part of the story about creating new MTS Technik suspensions.