26 July 2019

Mazda MX-5 coilover set – MTSGWMA02

What car do you consider to be a perfect roadster? Many will definitely point Mazda MX-5. Lightweight open-top RWD car encourages very dynamic driving. And for this you need a proper suspension. It should drive on coils...
19 July 2019

BMW E32 coilover set – MTSGWBM27

Older BMW models are now having a renaissance. 80s models are coming back to grace. They gain new wheels and, of course, a considerable lowering. This applies to each model, including the flagship series 7. The E32 is the best example of this.
12 July 2019

MTSBM009R – new shock absorber

The activity of MTS Technik is not only the introduction of new coilover suspensions to the offer, but also the continuous development of the concept of existing products. This manifests itself in the development of even better products, better suited to the needs of users. The latest example is the MTSBM009R shock absorber.