22 November 2018

Lowering a classic

The charm of automotive industry is that cars in most cases, the older they are, the better. Many enthusiasts agree that only cars 30 and more years old have a soul. They are the pride of their owners. Some try to keep them in stock condition, others aim to add flavour in the form of rational mods, including lowering.
16 November 2018

How to assemble MTSGWVW32 coilover set in VW Golf Mk7

VW Golf Mk7 metamorphosis after mounting MTS Technik coilovers exceeded our expectations. This blog post was created to show You step by step, how this process went.
9 November 2018

VW Golf Mk7 coilover set – MTSGWVW32

"Wheels & low" seems to be the most universal way to modify the car. It suits 30-year-old BMW and 3-year-old VW! Check a description of our new set - MTSGWVW32 for VW Golf VII