14 December 2018

VW Golf Mk1 coilover set – MTSGWVW06

The first generation of VW Golf is an icon today. It is this model that is considered to be the progenitor of such a popular compact class. Over 40 years since its inception and this car is still seen at the events. Thanks to enthusiasts. Lovers of the model as well as the lowering. We have a MTSGWVW06 coilover suspension for them.
7 December 2018

BMW E36 compact / Z3 coilover set – MTSGWBM02

Compact is another option from a wide range of body types of BMW E36. It is often renounced by the enthusiasts, but it still has RWD drive! A car with such features should be lowered.
30 November 2018

BMW E36 coilover set – MTSGWBM01

Did You notice, that almost 30 years have passed since the premiere of the BMW E36!? It slowly classifies this generation of the 3 series as Youngtimer. It is a car, which thanks to the work of enthusiasts can look fresh and feisty. And as a typical BMW – it likes lowering very well!