MTSGWVW56 coilover set for VW Tiguan

Tuning is all about variety. It is not only the idea that counts, but also the selection of the base to be modified. There is no longer a segment of cars in which a project has not appeared. Need of lowering does not spare SUVs either!

Lowering the SUV also makes sense

SUVs rarely use their main feature, which is increased ground clearance. Cars such as VW Tiguan can be found more often on tarmac than off-road. In this case, it is worth helping physics and improving the car’s handling by lowering the center of gravity. We come to the rescue with our new MTSGWVW56 kit.

VW Tiguan coilovers

MTSGWVW56 coilover suspension.

Brand fans will not be surprised when we write that the VW Tiguan is mechanically strongly based on the good VW Golf. It is no different when it comes to suspension. The shock absorbers used in the set are products well known from the fifth and sixth generation VW Golf kits.

VW Tiguan coilovers.

The set includes shocks well known from Golf coilovers.

SUVs’ higher ground clearance is not the only feature that distinguishes them from traditional compacts. Another is the increased mass. Springs are all part of this. Lowering the car is one thing. Our goal is to keep the suspension working after this process, so that even everyday use of the car on coils is a pleasure. Therefore, it is in the springs that the main difference of the MTSGWVW56 set lies. They were created in the Eibach plant and are characterized by appropriate parameters, selected for a specific base, which is a compact SUV.

VW Tiguan coilover springs.

The springs have been selected to cope with the weight of the SUV.

Even though lowering an SUV may seem like a niche topic, we want to offer something more right from the start. Therefore, when introducing this set, we do it in two options – Street and Sport. Both have successfully passed the TÜV certification process.

VW Tiguan coilovers

These only seemingly identical springs are intended for two different series of Tiguan sets.

In addition to the Tiguan, the MTSGWVW56 set also fits its slightly more prestigious brother – the Audi Q3.

Low VW Tiguan

VW Tiguan on MTSGWVW56 set

MTSGWVW56 coilover set for VW Tiguan
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MTSGWVW56 coilover set for VW Tiguan
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