Lexus IS Mk1 coilover set – MTSGWLE01

A team of experienced constructors is taking part in the intensive expansion of our offer of coilover suspensions. An equally important element in the process of introducing new products is the market itself. Customer inquiries are taken into account every time new sets are planned. This is exactly how it worked with the Lexus kit.

Lowering the premium brand

Lexus may seem like a brand that is far from perfect for modification. However, the small IS broke this rule, mainly due to its interesting design and RWD drive. The inquiries about the kit for the first generation of this model were extremely frequent. We could not pass by it indifferently. This is how the MTSGWLE01 set was added to our offer.
Lexus IS coilovers

MTSGWLE01 coilover suspension

Four galvanized threaded shock absorbers give what Japanese cars enthusiasts love the most – a large range of height adjustment. The hexaCOIL spring perch makes this process even easier.
Lexus IS coilovers

The set contains 4 gold-galvanised threaded struts

Relatively small saloon with rear drive. This is a recipe for a lot of driving pleasure. Its intensification is ensured by springs that traditionally come from the Eibach factory. The ERS springs were selected by our engineers in such a way that the coilover suspension fulfills its role, ideally for everyday use.
Lexus IS coilovers

Eibach springs sit on the struts of both axles.

At the same time, we also created the MTSGWLE01-S, an alternative based on even stiffer springs for those who are looking for something uncompromising. We handed over the finished kits for TÜV certification immediately.
Lexus IS coilovers

Sport series are equipped with much stiffer springs.

Lexus IS Mk1 coilover set - MTSGWLE01
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Lexus IS Mk1 coilover set - MTSGWLE01
A detailed description of a new set for Lexus IS Mk1
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