MTS Technik 2020 summary

The year 2020 will certainly make a strong mark in history. Fortunately, it will still be remembered because of the good news. However, one by one:
Due to top-down restrictions in Poland and practically all countries of the world, the possibility of meetings in larger groups has been severely limited. It was also connected with canceling the organization of events and fairs you love so much, which in most cases did not take place. For this reason, we were unable to meet with you. In return, however, we worked intensively for you.

2020 – a TÜV year

During the last Essen Motor Show, the leitmotif was, among others, the certification of our company as a sport suspensions manufacturer. You can read more about it HERE. It was, however, the beginning of an intricate road that we entered already in January. As each coilover set must have its own certificate, we have started with the certification rounds. The beginning was uneventful. The first were two generations of the compact king from Germany – Golf III and IV.
VW Golf Mk3 & Mk4

We started our adventure with TÜV certification with two very popular sets.

The positive result of two sets accelerated the whole process. Thus, for each subsequent round of certification, up to 12 cars were tested! All this so that customers from TÜV-demanding markets could purchase and use the MTS Technik coilover suspension as soon as possible. Even when the borders were closed, we did not wait idly for the situation to develop. We devoted this time to assembling the coilover sets in test cars. The work of our mechanics was also followed by intensive activities of the design department. It is thanks to these people that our suspensions are gradually evolving. A good example is the development of the existing set for the Golf VII to as many as 4 new items, two of which are intended for cars with a rear axle torsion beam, which is a novelty in our offer.

A coilover set for the VW Golf Mk7 with rear axle torsion beam.

Something completely new was also the set for Fiat Cinquecento. The small pocket car is surprisingly still popular. Thanks to its maneuverability, it works well with all kinds of track days and other time attack events. However, users of these cars reported a lack of proper suspension. We managed to create a coilover suspension that allows you to adjust the height of both axles!
Fiat Cinquecento coilovers

A set for the small Fiat with revolutionary rear axle height adjustment.

The pace of certification and the number of cars in each round quickly allowed us to start certifying sets that were just about to enter the offer. In addition to the well-known sets for BMW E36, E46 and VW Golfs of each generation, the document necessary on many markets has been received by such novelties as the kit for the Fiat 500 or Lexus IS.
Abarth 500

In some cases, new kits have already entered the market with a certificate.

We also undertook a certification test on more complex weld-in structures. Wasting no time, we have prepared two cars with this type of solution for one round – BMW E30 and E34.
E30 coils

Weld-in set for a classic BMW E30

We have been successively going through complicated procedures, the results of which can also be found on our website, where we provide the certificates obtained for our kits.

The whole world rides on MTS Technik

We have already informed you about our going outside Europe. Countries such as the USA and Mexico have become regular shipping destinations. Additionally, thanks to the updated contract with UPS, the shipment from Poland to Mexico arrives in 3 working days! We are also marking our presence in India more and more.

An intense culmination of a busy year

The crazy and challenging year could not end simply. Increasing the offer of suspensions in conjunction with expanding our crew forced a change of headquarters. The workshop equipped with precise production and diagnostic machines. Modern offices to administer your orders. And above all, a much larger warehouse space, allowing us to maintain a high stock level, which will allow us to ship to you even faster. The location in the newly built Panattoni complex gives us even broader development prospects. Because we still haven’t said the last word. Almost 1,600 m2 of high storage space will provide space for keeping not only coilover suspensions ready for shipment. We will also improve the availability of equally popular lowering springs. We intend to permanently maintain a full range of over 2,500 references.
MTS Technik warehouse

A new warehouse with a much storage larger area, ready to accommodate a higher stock level.

Preparing for the next year

The upcoming 2021 will be a continuation of our previous activities. Expanding the portfolio of TÜV-certified kits. Gradually introducing new products to our offer. At the same time, we are talking not only about items for subsequent car models. The currently offered suspensions will be varied with two completely new series – Sport and Comfort. They will be designed to fill a wide spectrum of your preferences. We will soon introduce you to the idea of the new series. Wishing you all the best in the coming year, we encourage you to follow our actions, with which we will share with you both on the blog and on our social media.

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