TÜV and manuals available on our website!

TÜV certification is our theme for this year. After receiving the certificate as a sport suspensions manufacturer and the first tests on cars, it was time for another important element of the whole puzzle. These are, of course, physical confirmation of positive test results in our workshop. Car mounting, meticulous height measurements and test drives lead to finally obtaining a part certificate (German Teilegutachten) for each of the coilover sets.

Document ready for download

The current global situation has temporarily suspended the execution of subsequent certification tests, however, it has not stopped the administrative machine responsible for closing the tests already carried out. TÜV Austria representatives have worked diligently to issue certificates supported by positive measurement results. We, in turn, make them available to you. Already existing certificates in PDF format can now be downloaded directly from our website. Just select the part number of the set you are interested in. The ones already tested have a clickable link that takes you to the document.

MTS Technik website

Certificates that we have received from TUV Austria are now available on our website

It is worth noting that in parallel with the TÜV certificate we provide you with a detailed step-by-step manual presenting the process of the correct assembly of the coilover suspension.


A detailed manual makes the assembly process easier.

Not only coils

However, that’s not all! In addition to the coils, many of the spring sets are already TÜV certified. Also in this case, just enter the catalog number of the kit you are interested in. Springs with a document will have the same reference on their product card as for coilover suspensions. 

Next certificates will appear soon

Delay of the work on the certification of subsequent sets is only temporary. As soon as the imposed restrictions are over, we’ll go in full swing so that all coilovers from our offer have a certificate ready for download by every user as soon as possible. Follow our social media, where we are showing you next cars coming on our lift.

TÜV and manuals available on our website!
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TÜV and manuals available on our website!
TUV documentation and detailed manuals are ready for download directly from our website
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