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The previous post about the suspension for VW Scirocco pointed to the fact how many cars were created based on the VW Golf V platform. This wide range of models also includes the VW Caddy. Of course, we also have the option to lower it.

A way to lower a van

The 3rd generation of Caddy, like its predecessors, has become extremely popular among entrepreneurs looking for an urban delivery vehicle. The large cargo space allows you to carry a lot of goods. And as it is a VW, it also found many buyers among tuning enthusiasts. Such people want to lower even such a high boxy body. To withstand heavy loads, the VW Caddy has a rear suspension completely rebuilt relative to its personal cousins. This car has a proven design based on leaf springs at the rear. In the front we have components strictly borrowed from Golf – a traditional McPherson strut. That is why we have been offering coilover suspension for the front axle – MTSGWVW30VA  for a long time.

VW Caddy coilovers

MTSGWVW30VA coilover set

All the time, however, we strived to develop a comprehensive solution. This is how the MTSGWVW34 set was born.

VW Caddy coilovers

MTSGWVW34 coilover set

The front axle struts are components already known from Golf suspensions and the MTSGWVW30VA set previously offered. It is on the back that the most interesting elements of the whole set are located. Components not found anywhere else are used to adjust the height of the rear axle on the rear spring leaves. Simple operation, a few skillful moves and you can go lower. As you can see, there are several levels of lowering. Enough for even the most demanding users.

VW Caddy coilovers

Rear axle height adjustment

Lowering the VW Caddy is just a seemingly crazy idea. A small transport car, very close to the ground, is an eye-catching advertisement for every workshop, which still allows you to carry a large load.

Low VW Caddy

How do You like such low Caddy? | Photo: JD Visual Photography

VW Caddy III coilover set - MTSGWVW34
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VW Caddy III coilover set - MTSGWVW34
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