How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 2)

In our previous post, we showed you how the process of creating a new coilover set looks like for the choice of models. After making the choice, it’s time to move on to action, which we will describe in the second part of the story about creating new MTS Technik suspensions.

A puzzle with lots of elements

Our specialists from the production department work intensively on creating suspensions. Contrary to appearances, a threaded strut is an element consisting of many components. It is not just a pipe filled with oil, as many think. This is a precisely made element, with a properly selected gas-oil mixture, consisting of numerous small but very important elements.

MTS Technik coilovers

It’s amazing, what can arise from anordinary pipe

The heavier, the better

After assembling the strut and ordering springs from the Eibach factory, it is time for a test assembly. And for it, of course, the right car is needed. We strived to make our new challenges as difficult as possible. Literally. Therefore, in the case of models where manufacturers offered a wide range of motors, we tried to have the test vehicle with as large as possible (the heaviest) engine. 4.2 in the Audi A8 D2 or even the V12 in the BMW E38 were excellent candidates.

Low Audi A6 C7

3.0 TDI was an ideal heavyweight candidate for the tests of A6 C7 coilovers.

On the other hand, we also tested our suspension on cars much lighter. Contrary to appearances, it is also a challenge. After all, coilover suspensions are made to bring the car closer to the ground. And when mass and gravity do not help, it’s all up to the coils itself. With large differences in capacities and weights of engines of a given model, we use different variants of springs, adapted to given axle loads. Taking into account the wide range of applications of the F30 set, we have prepared up to 4 weight versions of this set and tested on one of the lightest possible options – the BMW F20 1.6. So our challenge was not only a light front but also a short, light back. The effects were more than good.

Low BMW F20

We also cope with light versions.

How is the whole test procedure going? Once the test car has arrived, we start with the stock suspension rating. First empirically, through the test drive, then in the form of accurate measurements. After dismantling, stock shock absorbers go to a special machine, which is able to determine their work in different conditions.

MTS Technik coilovers

The precise machine that allows testing the behaviour of shock absorbers in all conditions works with stock and threaded dampers.

MTS Technik coilover suspensions must, of course, be stiffer, but the balance between the sports characteristics and the behaviour allowing for trouble-free use on a daily basis is also important. In addition to the precisely matched gas-oil mixture in the shock absorber itself, the springs play a huge role here. Here, for their correct behaviour corresponds to the reputation of the leader in this industry, Eibach.

Eibach springs

Eibach is a leader of automotive springs. They also produce the springs for our coilovers.

Measures, measures, measures…

The test car is also accurately measured. You have probably met with the measurement of the drop by applying a scoop and checking the distance from the ground to the bumper line, the threshold or the swingarm. With us, these measurements are definitely more extensive. We measure the exact distance to several different points in all 4 corners of the body. One of the basic measurements for us is the distance from the centre of the wheel to the corner of the wheel arch. This value allows us to determine the value of the lowering later.

Audi A8

Before the car gets on the lift, we take a lot of height measures.

After meticulous completion of the table with measurements of a serial car, the suspension can be dismantled. The car goes to the lift, where our professionals get to work. All in compliance with safety rules and in the interest of the proper course of work. Therefore, where necessary, the pneumatic wrench is replaced by traditional ones.


A good set of wrenches is a must.

The assembly of the MTS Technik suspension also takes place with full accuracy. That is why we always replace the shock absorber top mounts with new ones. We also do a thorough review of the other components of the car suspension.

MTS Technik shock

During the coilovers assembly we suggest to replace the top mounts for new ones.

When the coilover set is already placed in the car, you can fit the wheels and start measuring… three times! This process is the most arduous. The suspension adjustment nuts are first set in the highest possible position. Then, distance measurements are made at the same points as in the case of a stock car. Each result should be written accurately.

VW Multivan

Adjusting the suspension on the highest position gives interesting final effects 🙂

Then the wheels are pulled again to adjust the suspension in the lowest position and carry out further measurements. The third measurement is made on the car in the position ready to drive, according to the previous wishes of the car owner. This is the optimal height for easy travel around the city.


In many cases, after setting the car on the lowest position, we had to use good old plank method to get of the lift.

The final set car is taken to the street to assess the suspension behaviour and driving. And it’s still not the end! Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this yet, but any change in suspension implies the necessity of wheel alignment. Therefore, before handing the lowered car to the owner, first, we go to the diagnostic station so that the car is set correctly. Such prepared car, already on the new MTS Technik coilovers suspension, is given to the owner so he can enjoy the ride.

VW Multivan

Coilovers assembled and adjusted. Now it’s time to enjoy the ride.

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 2)
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How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 2)
A description of the process of making new MTS Technik coilover suspension sets, part two
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