VW Polo 9N coilover suspension – MTSGWVW29

Following the evolution of the urban VW, it’s time to get a closer look at the next coilover suspension designed for VW Polo.

Changes outside, changes in the suspension

After classic in style 6N and 6N2 generations, VW showed Polo 9N. Its body has grown and it has become slightly less conservative in its appearance. The mechanics also followed the external changes. In terms of suspension, 9N has introduced a lot of new. Previous models used solutions known from the first generation of Golf. In the new VW Polo, the suspension has been redesigned, which can also be seen in the MTSGWVW29 set, intended for this model.

VW Polo 9N coilovers


Attention is drawn to the front threaded strut with the characteristic mountings. You can see them through Eibach springs. The sports-laced spring, supported by a helper spring, forms the next of the sets, aimed not only to improve the appearance of the 9N, but also to make the dynamic ride more pleasant.

VW Polo 9N coilovers

Height of the front axle can be changed thanks to hexaCOIL nut

The suspension of the rear axle can be a surprise for the orthodox Polo fans. Unlike its predecessors, VW gave up the McPherson strut in favor of the shock absorbers and springs located independently of each other. It is no different in the MTSGWVW29 set. The spring rests on black-anodised height adjustment. These elements ensure the height of the car. Support for the whole are intensely yellow sports shock absorbers.

VW Polo coilovers

Rear axle suspension parts. With springs also made by Eibach.

With a rich history provided by its predecessors, Polo 9N has become popular. The urban car with a slightly youth style worked well with lowering.

VW Polo 9N

VW Polo on MTS Technik coils | Photo: Eryk Pasternak

VW Polo 9N coilover suspension - MTSGWVW29
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VW Polo 9N coilover suspension - MTSGWVW29
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