VW Golf Mk2 coilover set – MTSGWVW08

It is said that VW Golf has for decades been a king of compact class cars. Hundreds of these cars can be seen both on the roads and on the tuning events. The most common view seems to be the second generation of this car. The classic shape looks very good when combined with a proper lowering. In this case, the owner usually tries to do all his best to reach perfect fitment of the wheel and wheel arch and searching for a usability while driving it. MTSGWVW08 coilover suspension will handle it.

Reliability and usability

A set of 4 threaded struts looks really solid. Golden colour, achieved thanks to the galvanization process, is not only a better corrosion protection, but it also improves visual aspect. Keeping with the appearance and usability – MTSGWVW08 sets are now equipped with hexaCOIL spring perches on both axles.

VW Golf Mk2 coilovers

Golden coilover struts, equipped with hexaCOIL spring perches.


While holding a strut in the hand and focusing on the bright red colour of the spring You can notice Eibach logo. It is a synonym of the highest quality, offered by the world spring producing leader.  Included bump stops are a complement quality level represented by the springs. Made of PUR foam elements offer a durability much higher than rubber ones. This will bring profits in long-term exploitation.

VW Golf coils

PUR bump stops are more durable than rubber ones


MTSGWVW08 is a next set, which stays on the top of MTS Technik coils sale. It is affected by good opinions from users, high durability and versatility of this set. After all, this suspension is running in MTS Technik demo car – RetroRacer. High weight of R32 engine combined with heavy DSG gearbox haven’t influenced negatively by the suspension. Another cause is VW engineers ingenuity. Thanks to them, MTSGWVW08 set will also fit the third generation of Golf. This suspension can be also used in sporty Corrado and spacey Toledo Mk1. Each of those cars has left the factory decades ago. But lowering will noticeably rejuvenate each silhouette, no matter the age of it. A purchase of MTS Technik coilover suspension will bring a lot of benefits.

VW Golf coilovers


VW Golf Mk2

VW Golf “Retro Racer” on MTSGWVW08 set | Photo: Conek Foto

Low VW Corrado

VW Corrado on MTSGWVW08 set | Photo: Karaszevsky Photography



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