BMW E32 coilover set – MTSGWBM27

Older BMW models are now having a renaissance. 80s models are coming back to grace. They gain new wheels and, of course, a considerable lowering. This applies to each model, including the flagship series 7. The E32 is the best example of this. It is characterized by what people love BMW from that era – an aggressive style with a sporty note, revealing the potential of the car even despite its large dimensions. The sports spirit, of course, is most often associated with low suspension. MTS Technik, wanting to meet the demand for low “sevens”, created the MTSGWBM27 set.

BMW E32 coilovers

MTSGWBM27 coilover set

The size of the car suggests the reliability of the solutions used in the suspension construction. The reality fully agrees with the assumptions. Coilover suspension for this car is 4 massive threaded struts. The layer of golden zinc protects each of them against the biggest enemy of automotive industry – corrosion. Not only gold elements are corrosion resistant. Elements made of black anodized aluminum are equally good at it. HexaCOIL height adjustments, spring caps and what’s the most interesting in this set – camber plates! Yes, when you buy the MTSGWBM27 set, you get the opportunity not only to bring the car closer to the ground, but also the precise setting of the shock absorber angle, and thus – a better fit of the wheel to the line of wheel arch.

BMW E32 camber plate

E32 coilover set is delivered with front camber plates

A feature that makes it difficult to replace the suspension for sports in older BMWs is a front strut integrated with the trailing arm. The need to replace the entire component discourages many people from assembling the coils. Our solution helps to avoid tedious searches. The front struts apart from the cambers are also equipped with solid brackets, which, after welding with the trailing arm enable trouble-free screw-in of the threaded strut and initial adjustment of its height. MTSGWBM27 sets no longer require the purchase of additional components, they are ready for assembly.

BMW E32 front suspension

After welding the bracket You can screw the strut, adjusting its height.

Once the owner of E32 puts it on the ground, adjusts the wheels by adjusting the angle of the shock absorber and will want to go on the first ride, he will want the car to retain the qualities of a real limousine. The springs take all the responsibility for this asignment. In this case, both axles are armed with products from the well-known Eibach factory. The lowered car is to be enjoyed not only at a standstill, but also while driving.

BMW E32 coilovers

Eibach springs are on the both axles of this set

A huge classic body, close to the ground. Do you still consider it unrealistic? Believe it! Revilo auto gives a great example. They have lowered one of the first E32s with MTSGWBM27 coils.


BMW E32 on MTSGWBM27 set

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