Update in Audi A4 B5 FWD coilover set

We have recently described the long awaited novelty – the coilover suspension for the Audi A4 B5 Quattro. However, when creating this item, the FWD car set was also modernized.

Audi A4 B5 coilovers

MTSGWAU52 coilover set

The Audi group offered the A4 B5 not only in two drive types, but also in a very wide engine range. This involves different weights. The MTSGWAU16 set was configured to work with any A4 B5 FWD, no matter what it had under the hood. However, we have found that what is already working well can work even better. In this way, the well-known set has been divided into two new items – MTSGWAU52 and MTSGWAU53. Front springs – this is the main difference between these sets. The MTSGWAU52 set has retained the proven main spring known from the MTSGWAU16 set.

Audi A4 B5 coilovers

You can recognise MTSGWAU52 set by the single spring on front threaded struts

Heavier A4 versions with axle loads higher than 1080 kg are now eligible for the MTSGWAU53 kit. It can be recognized by the use of two springs on the front strut. The helper spring, together with the main spring produced by Eibach, allows you to maintain a confident ride after lowering, also with a heavier motor in front of you.

Audi A4 B5 coilovers

MTSGWAU53 set has a different front spring, which together with helper spring deals with the heaviest A4 B5s

The MTSGWAU52 and MTSGWAU53 sets show that our products, even those that have been around for a long time, are constantly evolving. All for one purpose – to maximize user satisfaction.

Update in Audi A4 B5 FWD coilover set
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Update in Audi A4 B5 FWD coilover set
A description of an update, which took place in Audi A4 B5 FWD coilover sets
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