Spare parts for coilover suspensions

We know from our everyday experience that not all of you are looking for the entire coilover suspension. Sometimes you only need one or a few pieces of the entire puzzle to lower the car. We also have a solution for this.

Additional product tab on our website

People who need, for example, only front suspension, lost the adjustment spanner somewhere, or want to have fresh springs, have this option. Some of you have already used this feature. We would like to inform the others. On our website, after selecting the make and model of your car, product tabs appear. One of them is the Spare parts tab.

MTS Technik website

Spare parts is one of the product tabs on our website.

In this tab you can easily purchase any component of the coilover suspension. It can be both a complete threaded strut and the shock absorber itself. We also offer small items such as bump stops and dust covers. Importantly, each of these elements has a real photo on our website! This allows you to make sure that you have correctly selected the element you are looking for.

BMW E46 suspension

Each coilover part has a real picture.

Another good news refers to the shipping. Just like with the complete coilovers or the sets of lowering springs, each order for the parts, which is for over 50 EUR, has a free shipping inside European Union.

Spare parts for coilover suspensions
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Spare parts for coilover suspensions
Showing the readers an option of buying spare parts for coilover suspensions on our website.
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MTS Technik
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