TÜV certificates for the next coilover suspensions

As you already know from our previous post, we were able to successfully go through the long and intricate process of obtaining TÜV certification for the first two coilover suspensions. MTSGWVW08 and MTSGWVW10 sets can also be used in countries requiring TÜV. The complexity of the road to certification was initially unimaginable to us. Hence, only two sets have been designated for the first round of this challenge. When even the representative of TÜV Austria was impressed by our preparation, we decided to follow the blow. The next coils from our offer are being prepared for certification – it is obvious. An interesting fact is that there will be several of them immediately!

A busy week

After the Essen Motor Show, we know how many lowered car users there expect our suspension. After talking to us and examining our products at the stand, they just want to have them. And use in accordance with local law… Thinking about them and many other enthusiasts of lowering, we focused all our powers on this one topic. Subsequent shock absorbers and springs are subjected to laboratory tests in a research institution. In turn, in our workshop a queue of cars was created waiting for assembly and measurements. Our mechanics work from dawn to dusk. They mount suspensions and adjust their height. Three times! The complexity of certification requires us to make measurements in the “max low” and “max high” positions and then in the driving position, according to what the car owner wishes. We also try to create extreme conditions for our suspensions not only in the laboratory but also in real use. The MTSGWVW31 set can be an example. Thanks to VW engineers this set has a very wide application. We chose a heavy-weight opponent. In a literal sense. The VW Passat in the Variant body entered our lift, in addition with a heavy 3.2 V6 engine, combined with an equally heavy DSG transmission and 4Motion drive.

Passat R32

To test MTSGWVW31 set we chose one of the heaviest possible options.

We decided to give another extreme to the MTSGWVW32 set for the VW Golf VII. Here we focused on performance issues. Golf has entered the lift in the top R version. 300 BHP encourages more dynamic driving. And this, in turn, requires appropriate suspension. We can handle this task.

VW Golf R

VW Golf R is a pure hot-hatch. Such cars require a good suspension.

TÜV not only for VWs

Golf III, Golf IV, Golf V / VI / Passat. After previous information from us, you may think that we focus only on the VW group. None of these things. The MTSGWBM01 kit, mounted in the still beautiful in its line E36 Coupe, which was recently installed by us, is waiting for measurements made by a TÜV representative.

BMW E36 coupe

BMW E36 coupe, minutes before mounting our coilover suspension.

In addition to hanging from the top of the popularity list, we will also take on a little more niche coils. However, our customers are looking forward to TÜVs for these sets as well. Take the Perky Mini and the classic in its purest form, Mercedes W201, with the MTSGWMB01 set as an example. Installation carried out, measurements carried out, the car professionally weighed. More cars are waiting! We will keep you updated on each of the sets that will receive Teilegutachten next.

Another good news

This is not the end of good news. In parallel with coilover suspensions, we are also working on certificates for lowering springs and kits. Here, of course, the variety of sets is even wider. It is connected with time. However, soon in this product group there will be a lot of suspensions and springs with TÜV.

TÜV certificates for the next coilover suspensions
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TÜV certificates for the next coilover suspensions
Information about the next group of suspensions, prepared for receiveing TÜV certification.
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