VW Lupo coilover suspension – MTSGWVW41

Lupo – the smallest model from VW model range. Small, so in theory urban. But also agile! Especially if it is enriched with a coilover suspension.

A lowering for the smallest in family

In our wide range of coilover sets for VW cars, we could not omit the “wolf”. Designed for this model, the MTSGWVW41 set has been permanently included in our price lists.

VW Lupo coilovers

MTSGWVW41 coilover suspension

VW designers themselves helped us. The front suspension is a structure borrowed from the Golf II. Proven solutions are also reflected in MTS Technik. Tested on hundreds of Golfs Mk2s and Mk3s, the strut, armed with Eibach springs, works well in Lupo.

VW Lupo suspension

Front strut is equipped with the best technical solutions

The short rear of the car is associated with its small weight. Fortunately, this is not an obstacle for a properly designed spring and height adjustment, which allows you to go noticeably lower. The amusing car instantly gains aggressiveness! Together with the MTS Technik sports shock absorber, this clutch is not only a visual aspect but also works well on the road.

VW Lupo suspension

On the rear height adjustment there is a spring, of course made by Eibach

Of course, the set fits the twin from Spain – Seat Arosa. MTSGWVW41 coilover set is the best addition, adding flavour to the famous Spanish temperament.

VW Lupo coilover suspension - MTSGWVW41
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VW Lupo coilover suspension - MTSGWVW41
A detailed description of VW Lupo coilover suspension
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