BMW E39 coilover set – MTSGWBM04

E39 introduced a stylistic revolution in BMW cars. In comparison with E34, his successor has become smoother and more modern. The new body lines have not killed the spirit of the brand. Dynamic engines and rear drive gave a lot of fun. When everything settles on a better suspension, the real fun is just beginning!

Something to pump the sporty spirit of the saloon

The MTSGWBM04 coilover set, dedicated to E39 is a set of four robust threaded struts. They are all covered with a double layer of golden zinc, which apart from an interesting appearance is associated with improved protection against rust. Speaking of protection, this set is equipped with dust covers, combined with PUR bump stops. Those are more durable and protect the shock from the external factors.

BMW E39 coilovers

We put PUR bump stops on each of 4 struts in this set

As a real BMW, E39 had a huge range of motors to choose. It often meant a high weight. Eibach spring is responsible for keeping the weight of front axle on the right place.

BMW E39 coils

BMW is a motor and drive. The first of those two is dealt with Eibach spring

The installation of the coilover suspension enhances the BMW E39 – a sports aspirated saloon. For those who see this in a Touring version, we have a set for cars with Nivo on the rear axle – MTSGWBM33.

Low E39

BMW E39 on MTSGWBM04 set

BMW E39 coilover set - MTSGWBM04
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BMW E39 coilover set - MTSGWBM04
A detailed description of BMW E39 coilover suspension
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