MTS Technik at Essen Motor Show 2019!

Car lowering and tuning in general have many followers. After all, it is said, that tuning is a  lifestyle. The lowered cars please their owners’ eyes and are the subject of numerous conversations at the meetings, events and automotive fairs. The Essen Motor Show stands out particularly well among the latter.

Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show logo

Essen is a city located in western Germany. The Messe Essen fair certainly has an important place on the list of important city points. The vast, covered area hosts many industry events. The Essen Motor Show is the most important for us. This is a huge tuning festival! Every enthusiast will, without doubt, consider EMS as the most important event of this type in Europe. The presence of all major brands in the industry, combined with typically German meticulousness in organization, gives us a recipe for success. For an almost perfect event.

Essen Motor Show

Each year Essen Motor Show is gathering thousands of viewers | via

We have written to you more than once that when it comes to tuning, we are not only theoreticians. MTS Technik sport suspensions were born out of many years of practice – building own projects and participating in events and fairs. As visitors, we also visited many editions of the Essen fair. Every year we learned about the upcoming trends and admired unique vehicles of all kinds.

Essen Motor Show

Essen Motor Show teaches us, that tuning has no limits.

2017 was the first breakthrough for us. It was then that our company marked its presence at the event. Our RetroRacer stood on one of the halls on a special invitation from the organizer. The yellow Golf stood in a noble group of comprehensively modified cars known throughout Europe. However, we haven’t said the last word yet…

VW Golf

VW Golf ‘RetroRacer’ at EMS 2017. Photo: JD Visual

In the paragraph above we mention the first breakthrough related to MTS Technik and Essen Motor Show. Another important breakthrough will take place this year. We would like to inform you that MTS Technik will be an exhibitor at the Essen Motor Show! That’s right, from November 30 to December 8, in Hall 5, you’ll be able to see the well-known logo of our company, hanging proudly over our stand. Those who will appear there on the press day, November 29, are also welcome to us. We will answer all your questions and we will be happy to talk to you.

30.11 – 08.12.2019. Hall 5, stand 5F34. See you in Essen!

MTS Technik at Essen Motor Show 2019!
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MTS Technik at Essen Motor Show 2019!
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