How to assemble a coilover suspension in VW T5?

VW Transporter is a car with a utility concept. However, it is characterized by a multitude of versions, including a convenient Multivan. This type of car is already an interesting base for lowering. We not only allow You to bring the car closer to the ground with our latest set. We also want to show You how it should be assembled.

Tools and lift

Multivan is a very heavy car. Therefore, it is important that the entire assembly takes place on a solid lift ensuring a safe workflow. It’s worth to prepare all the necessary tools before starting the exchange.

– 18 flat wrench

– 21/23 ring wrenches

– 13/18/19/30 sockets

– 30 Torx key

– HW6 Allen key

– ratchet with extension.


A set of tools, useful during the suspension replacement in VW Multivan

Replacing the suspension – front axle

The entire process should be started by loosening the wheel bolts. Unlike most cars, the bolts appearing here are larger and require a 19 socket. Once the bolts are loose, the car can be lifted on the lift. After removing the wheels, we recommend spraying all screws that will be unscrewed with penetrating device.

VW Multivan front suspension

Spraying the screws with lubricant will make the process easier

The disassembly of the front McPherson strut begins with the unscrewing of the upper fasteners, the swaybar, wishbones, the hub, and unhooking the wires. The unscrewed strut can be pulled out of the car.

VW T5 suspension

OEM front strut, ready to put it out from the car

The MTS Technik coilover strut is supplied with a dust cover and bump stop. The only element necessary to transfer from the standard shock absorber is the top mounting. To make sure the suspension works properly, it’s worth replacing this element with a new one.

VW T5 coilovers

OEM top mounting need to be installed on MTS Technik strut

After screwing the MTS Technik threaded column, you can proceed to its assembly in the car. You should start by catching its upper mounts. The help of another person may be useful here. Then screw the remaining elements in the order similar to the dismantling of the standard shock absorber.

VW T5 coilovers

MTS Technik strut on its place

Thanks to the hexaCOIL nut, the height adjustment of the front suspension is much easier than with conventional nuts. After setting the height, only tighten the screw with the Allen key.

VW T5 coilovers

Adjusting the hexaCOIL

Replacing the suspension – rear axle

After the assembly of the front axle suspension, You can start with the rear. The rear shock absorber is attached to the car on two bolts. The spring should be pulled out of the socket, also removing the rubber fixing.

Rear suspension VW T5

OEM rear spring has to be removed together with the rubber mounting

The rubber should be replaced by MTS Technik height adjustment. The spring will now lay on it.

VW T5 coilovers

MTS Technik rear height adjustment

After placing the spring in place and setting the height, You can start to screw the rear MTS Technik shock absorber. In the end, the only thing that remains is screwing the swaybar and wheel assembly. After leaving the car on the ground it is necessary to tighten the wheels with a torque wrench.

MTS Technik suspension

MTS Technik rear shock absorber

The entire assembly process of the coilover suspension seems to be an easy operation. However, it is worth remembering a few important elements, so that the final effect is not only spectacular but also safe. Conek foto made a video of the whole process to facilitate the assembly of future users.

How much does the coilover set give for the look and feel of the Multivan, we have shown to You in our previous post.

How to assemble a coilovr suspension in VW T5?
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How to assemble a coilovr suspension in VW T5?
A detailed tutorial, showing hot to mount MTS Technik coilover suspension in VW Multivan
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