BMW E90 coilover set – MTSGWBM12

The BMW E90 had to face the hard work of replacing the very popular E46. A more massive silhouette and up-to-date technology have been positively received. Also in tuning.


The medium-sized Bavarian car has taken all what’s the best from its predecessor – dynamic styling, rear drive and most importantly – it also likes lowering. For the owners of this model, we have prepared the
MTSGWBM12 coilover suspension. It is a set in which includes all the best. Just like it should be with the suspension for a premium segment car.

BMW E90 coilover suspension


The gold front strut is completed by a hexaCOIL spring perch. This set was the first in which MTS-Technik offered its innovative solution as a basic equipment. On the spring perch rests the spring produced in Germany by, Eibach. A comprehensive approach to this suspension is also revealed by the rear spring made by the same manufacturer.

Coilover spring perch

hexaCOIL spring perch

MTS-Technik meets the extensive offer of the 3 E90 series. In addition to the saloon, the MTSGWBM12 suspension also fits the Coupe E92 as well as the E81/82/87 1 series. Lovers of other body styles will not be disappointed either. For the heavier combi E91 and the convertible E93, there has been prepared MTSGWBM13  set, which is adapted for higher axle loads.

Eibach spring

Eibach springs for both axles included

BMW E90 on MTS Technik coilovers



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