The benefits of lowering

The suspension is one of the key elements of the car. Efficient shock absorbers and springs are necessary to keep the car on the road. Manufacturers do all their best to ensure that their solutions are reliable. MTS Technik is able to improve it. Lowering the car brings many benefits, which You can divide to 2 main categories.


1. Visual appearance

Let’s start with what you see at first glance – appearance. A lowered car is more consistent. The silhouette of the body, created by the team of designers is no longer disturbed by ugly huge wheel gaps. The lowered car tempts with its image, displays greater dynamics and encourages continuous driving.

Low VW Golf

A lowered car has a more dynamic appearance

One of the basic elements and often No1 of the list of parts to change are wheels. Tuning enthusiasts are still trying to surprise others with some one-of-a-kind wheel. All of it would be nothing if it wouldn’t be combined with a lowering. Each wheel looks the best, when it is close to the wheel arch.

Low VW Golf

It is getting harder to surprise the others with some new wheel. It would be nothing, if not combined with a proper lowering

2. Physics

Right after the improvement of the look, there are the benefits of the ride itself. Lower centre of gravity and often stiffer characteristics reduce body leaning while taking turns. The huge mass of steel, which is the car, becomes easier to control during dynamic cornering.

Low A4

Lowered car, despite its better look, will also behave better on the road | Photo: Conek Foto

Lowering the car can be obtained in several ways. The easiest one is mounting lowering springs. Bearing in mind that the whole weight of the car is laying on springs, their role in reducing the wheel gap is crucial. The ease of this way of lowering is caused by the fact, that in many cases there is no need to replace shock absorbers. Springs with subtler values of lowering are known of comfortable characteristics. This is a key issue for those who want to improve the look and behaviour of the car without giving up the comfort during everyday use.

Low Civic

Honda Civic on MTS Technik springs | Photo: Jacek Rokowski

With more noticeable lowerings, exceeding 40mm, the lowering springs must be combined with properly adjusted shock absorbers. To meet clients’ needs, we have prepared an offer of ready-to-use lowering suspensions. Complete sets can be assembled without the need for tedious searches for matching elements.

Lowered Seicento

Fiat Seicento on MTS Technik lowering suspension

To meet the demand of the most exigent users, MTS Technik offers coilover suspensions. Eye-catching front struts and rear height adjustments are threaded so that their user can decide on the height of his car. The smooth regulation allows You to adjust the car to the condition of nearby roads, or a new set of wheels that look best when they are close to the wheel arch.

Low Mk2

VW Golf ‘RetroRacer’ on MTS Technik coilover suspension | Photo: JD Visual

The benefits of lowering
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The benefits of lowering
A list of advantages, which lowering give to You and Your car
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