How to assemble a coilover suspension in BMW E90?

The BMW E90 becomes an equally popular base for tuning, as until recently its predecessor, the E46. The rear drive, a wide range of engines and of course a strong lowering – this is a recipe for a successful project. Proper assembly of coilover suspension will allow for comfortable use for a long time. If you do not have the conditions to replace the suspension, it is worth ordering a specialized workshop that will do it in a skillful and safe way. The basis is, of course, a solid lift that will allow you to work freely with a car hanging in the air. We start with the preparation of the necessary tools.


Tools necessary in the process of replacing the suspension in BMW E90

Assembling the suspension – front axle

After making sure that the car is properly standing on the lift, you can start work, starting with pulling off the wheels. After obtaining full access to the wheel arches, use a penetrating agent at the screw unscrewing points to facilitate the entire assembly process.


Before unscrewing the nuts it is worth to treat them with the penetrating agent

To disassemble the front shock absorber, unscrew the lower wishbones and the stabilizer link. Then, using the spanner and the ratchet with the socket you can unscrew the lower mounting of the shock absorber. After unhitching the car, you can unscrew the upper mounts and pull the strut out of the car.

BMW E90 front suspension

Front McPherson disassembly

The next step is to assemble the MTS Technik threaded strut before installing it in the car. A shock absorber top mount should be attached to the strut provided by us. Our suspension is designed to be able to work with a mount from a stock shock, but we recommend the installation of a new mounts that fits into the new coilover suspension.

BMW E90 coilovers

While replacing the suspension You should think about brand new top mounts

The finished MTS Technik threaded strut can already be installed in the car, screwing it in the reverse order of the procedure for removing the standard suspension. The final tightening of the upper fasteners should be made when the car is on wheels and its entire weight properly presses on the coilovers.

Assembling the suspension – rear axle

When the front is already mounted, you can proceed to replacing the rear axle suspension. Here, the MTSGWBM12 set is based on three components – a spring, a sports damper and height adjustment.


BMW E90 rear axle suspension

Unscrewing the lower fixing of the shock absorber allows to loosen the swingarm that holds the spring. To remove the rear shock, unscrew the upper mountings hidden under the boot cover.


To replace the rear shock You have to interfere in the boot upholstery

After dismantling the stock counterparts, it is time to place MTS Technik products in their place. In place of the rubber holding the spring, place the height adjustment made of anodized aluminum. It will be fitted with a spring and it will allow a smooth change in the height of the car.

BMW E90 coilovers

Height adjustment allows changing the height of rear axle

When the rear axle is also assembled together, there is nothing left to do to mount the wheels and enjoy an aggressive looking lowered car. Remember that such interference in the suspension entails the need to visit the diagnostic station and check the alignment!


BMW E90 on MTSGWBM12 coilovers

Traditionally, we have also prepared the entire assembly process in the form of a video in cooperation with Conek Foto. Thanks to this, getting to know the whole process is even easier.


How to assemble a coilover suspension in BMW E90?
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How to assemble a coilover suspension in BMW E90?
A detailed tutorial, showing hot to mount MTS Technik coilover suspension in BMW E90
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