5 July 2019

How to assemble a coilover suspension in BMW E90?

The BMW E90 becomes an equally popular base for tuning, as until recently its predecessor, the E46. The rear drive, a wide range of engines and of course a strong lowering - this is a recipe for a successful project. Proper assembly of coilover suspension will allow for comfortable use for a long time.
17 May 2019

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 2)

In our previous post, we showed you how the process of creating a new coilover set looks like for the choice of models. After making the choice, it's time to move on to action, which we will describe in the second part of the story about creating new MTS Technik suspensions.
10 May 2019

How are new MTS Technik suspensions made? (part 1)

Automotive industry is very diverse. The number of makes and models of cars is huge. It is no different in terms of their modification. Many cars have an avid fanatics who want to modify, improve and lower them. Behind them they must follow companies such as MTS Technik, offering the suspensions for the widest possible range of cars.